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Chairmans Report 2014


Chairman's Report 2014

Welcome to the earlier than usual AGM for the Wide Bay Burnett Register.

Our Club has felt the ripple effect, with Brisbane forming a new overseeing committee to all the Registers – sound simple enough – but unfortunately it left many positions to fill and issues unresolved, which had a bigger impact on the Regional Registers than the City folk wanted to acknowledge. Some challenges we had to face this year were the changing of our Monthly Magazine to now every two months. Our Club submitted a letter of Objection to the proposal, and although taken into consideration didn't change the outcome. However, had we not objected we may have lost the printed page altogether. On the upside, for all our computer literate members, the Magazine will now be available on line via the Jaguar Club Website, so for those on the move, you will still be able to access the Magazine. Another bone of contention was the very slow process of trying to retrieve our Books from Head Office; it took quite some time and a few headaches to finally see them again. New Members applications were also slow to get processed.

We have had a few new members join our small club this year, and look forward to having some new faces at our runs, maybe even some imput as to where they would like to go on our jaunts, always open to new venues and ideas! Our Club is unique in as much as our Members seem to be scattered far and wide, what with family commitments, work obligations or distance, it's not easy to get to all of our runs for some, but when we do get together it's always good fun, and most importantly we get to take the old girls (and I mean the Jags) out for a day.

Our Membership numbers seems to remain in the low teens, but climbing, we have lost a few Members either to the travelling bug or having to move away from our area for one reason or another. We have also gained a few this year, so the challenge remains to all our current members to be on the lookout for a stray Jaguar in a carpark in our area, introduce yourselves, and/or leave a name and contact number under the windscreen wiper and see how we go from there, invite them to a run I am sure we can recruit a few more Jaguar tragics.

In summary, we will be sorry to see some of the old guard leave, but welcome our newer members, and look forward to some interesting runs during the upcoming year. Hopefully all the rough waters have been smoothed out down south and we can enjoy trouble free motoring.

Ian Lawson,
Chairman Wide Bay Burnett Register

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