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About The Jaguar Drivers Club of Queensland

The objectives for which the club has been established are:-_DSC4312_1024x673.jpgLloyd Andersen's 1970 E-Type Roadster

  1. To further interest in motoring and motor sport
  2. To facilitate and assist in bringing together and keeping in touch owners of SS, Jaguar and Daimler cars.
  3. To perpetuate the SS, Jaguar and Daimler cars and to promote enthusiasm among owners of these cars.
  4. To promote better driving skills and standards
  5. To render technical advice where possible
  6. To promote events for SS, Jaguar and Daimler cars, including Jaguar engined cars
  7. To hold and arrange sporting events and suitable competition and provide or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions.  


The size of the club ensures that at least one other member has been through similar experiences with restoring or keeping their Jaguars on the road. The spread of this knowledge is facilitated through Model Registers, which aim to ensure like minded people get together to assist one and another and learn about the particular model or models within the Jaguar world that interest them.


The club offers a number of sporting events, both serious and not so serious. Motorkhanas, navigation runs, concourse, sprints and training days are part of the program. Awards are made for successful competitors culminating in the Club Champion of the year award.


With about 500 members throughout Queensland the club offers regular activities of a social nature. day runs, dinners, barbecues and get together form a significant part of the activities. The peak for the year is the Jaguar June Jaunt, a three day event based on a regional centre which brings together Jaguar lovers from all over Queensland.


Club members are served with two regular publications. Both are included in the membership fees.

The Queensland Jaguar Driver is a monthly club magazine covering local and regional club news and activities, advising of future events, members tales and experiences and of course cars and parts for sale.

The Jaguar Magazine is published bi-monthly for world sales and is a more national and global look at the world of Jaguars. To visit the Jaguar Magazine web site click here


The club maintains an extensive library of general motoring and Jaguar related books, manuals, magazines and DVD's. All are available on loan to members. 


The club has a large range of regalia at competitive prices. For details see the current Regalia List. Regalia items are on display and can be purchased at each monthly meeting and at selected club functions and events. Otherwise contact the Regalia Officer.


Members can advertise any cars or parts they have for sale or wish to buy in the club magazine and website or through an announcement posted on the notice board at the regular monthly meetings.

To advertise in the magazine and website email your advertisement, with photos, to the Web Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Free for members, $30 for non-members, for 2 issues.


To cater for the interests of club members throughout the state of Queensland, and the northern border area of New South Wales, a series of Regional Registers have been established. These registers have their own committee and organise the activities for their area. Contact between the registers and the club is facilitated by the Liaison Officer.


Fees are shown in Membership Application. A Membership application form is provided. Simply determine the correct fees, print the form, fill in the details, and mail together with your cheque, to The Secretary, JDCQ, PO Box 3513, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4101.